50/100 kW PMSM Survey

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50/100 kW PMSM Survey

Post by albertocesare » Aug 13 2019 6:41am

Hi all!

I just have ended my graduation project for Mechanical Engineering in Italy with a brushless PMSM project to electrify my car.
Now, I need a lot of money to buy lipo batteries but, as a student, I don't have so much of it, so I thought to build and sell a couple of motors to get enough money for my project.

I only would like to know if you find some interest in a motor like that and if you hypotetically have to conver a car, you will buy it.
Here are specs:

- Termically, magnetically analized -> femm analysis + thesis available
- 50kw continuous, 100kw burst (can do better with thicker magnets)
- liquid cooled
- NdFeB N42 magnets
- Custom winding optimization: from 500Nm torque / low speed for direct drive, to 80Nm / high speed for gearbox
- Approx 35kg -> Extreme high power density due to coreless stator /double cored rotor
- 95% efficiency


I found Alibaba prices for about 3000$, I think I should sell this product for about 1500/2000$, mostly because of Nd cost.

Thanks for anyone would give me his answer / opinion :D

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