Surron Light bee Controller Upgrade

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Surron Light bee Controller Upgrade

Post by MMD » May 29 2020 2:50pm


My name is Mike, I'm 30 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
I new to this forum and I hope there are some people here that can help me.

I bought a Surron Light Bee about 6 months ago and I love driving it.
But after my sprocket upgrade to gain some extra bottom power I lost a lot of speed..
After searching on the internet for a controller upgrade I found a couple of controller:

- Asi Bac800
- Nucular 24f
- Sintech

All of those controllers are around 1000USD and not available for months..
Due the "Corona Virus" I lost my job and I cannot purchase a controller for 1000USD (provided they are in stock) at this moment.

So, I was searching for another alternative the last couple of weeks and my attention fell on:

The Votol EM150:

Voltage: 48V-90V.
Battery Current: 150A (peak).
Boost Current: 150A.
Phase Current: 470A (peak).
Size: 245 x 129 x 69mm.

3-Speed + Boost

Price: 255USD with Express shipping to my door.

Thats 1/4 of the price of the other controllers with almost the same specs!
The measurements are exactly the same as the original controller thats on the bike right now.
I would like to get this controller on my bike if thats possible.
Im going to be honest with you guys I never did this before, but im good with electronics and a fast learner!
But I dont know anything about programming..

I found out there are 4 different models of the controller:

- EM150
- EM150S
- EM150SP
- EM150/2

I really dont know which one I need, but im guessing its the EM150S because they use this controller also for a 3000W Mid Drive motor kit they sell on Aliexpress.

So if there is someone that knows this controller and can tell me if this is possible and wanna point me in the right direction please help me!! :D

Best regards,

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Re: Surron Light bee Controller Upgrade

Post by amberwolf » May 29 2020 7:09pm

I don't know, myself, about that controller, but there are some posts and threads about them that may be useful to you:

By title/thread
search.php?keywords=votol*&terms=all&au ... mit=Search

By post:
search.php?keywords=votol*&terms=all&au ... mit=Search

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Re: Surron Light bee Controller Upgrade

Post by gbeals » Jun 04 2020 6:06pm

I own a Em150. I haven't gotten it setup yet; but heard great things. There are some really powerful dirt bike guys using this controller on a 3KW mid drive motor with great success.

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