Controller for ME1202 motor

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Controller for ME1202 motor

Post by Bgt2u » May 31 2020 11:43pm

Hello, l just purchased a Motenergy ME1202 motor, and am looking for an appropriate sine wave controller for it. I will be running either a 48v, or a 72v set up, (but as of right now, l am undecided). Are there several contorollers that will work for it, or does it require a specific controller? I have in the past used the small Boma BLDC 48v motors, but the ME1202 is a totally different beast, that l am not familiar with. Any help on controller recommendation is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Controller for ME1202 motor

Post by amberwolf » Jun 06 2020 3:43am

Would need to know your project specifics and intended usage.

How much load will be on it? Meaning, how much current will the controller have to supply, for how long?

What features do you need the controller to have? Such as...regen braking, and if so, just on/off or proportional, and do you want it controlled by a separate input or just by the throttle; do you need FOC; do you need a display, and if so what information must it show, etc etc etc. Does it need to be programmable, and if so to what extent? Or do you need it to be just plug-and-play?

Do you have a size / volume limit? Weight?


For anyone else responding, these are the ME1202 specs:
Product Description
Designed to fit a 19 tooth transaxle like the Shafer (Spicer/Dana) or other similar Golf Car or NEV transaxles. This is a double stator, Axial Air Gap, Permanent Magnet Synchornous Motor with a Sine/Cosine rotor position sensor. Up to 120 amps continuous. Battery packs of 24 to 72 VDC, and maximum speeds of 5000 rpm. Weight of 36 pounds. Totally Enclosed case.

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Re: Controller for ME1202 motor

Post by ekartasso » Jul 09 2020 4:19am

You can use 48V or 72V SEVCON GEN4 controllers
but with sin/cos inputs encoder.
For example : ... otion.html

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Re: Controller for ME1202 motor

Post by Voltron » Jul 09 2020 1:18pm

Sorry if you already know this, but sine wave controller is different from sine/cosine encoder... That motor doesn't have Hall sensors to give the controller position feedback, so it uses the encoder, and the controller needs to be built for that.
Sevcon is a good choice, but can be a programming nightmare.
I work with a guy doing electric boat drives using Motenergy motors and Sevcons, feel free to contact me.

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