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3000 watf controller

Posted: Nov 22 2020 4:30pm
by sillydude
Can i use 3000 watt controller on 1500 watt motor?

Re: 3000 watf controller

Posted: Nov 26 2020 5:23am
by kdog
Yep you can also use a 10kw controller. The question really is 'how long will my 1500w motor last being driven by a 3kw controller? '
Can't tell you haha!
Depends on waay to many factors, but if you install a temp sensor in your motor then you can push it hard and back off if it gets too hot.
It's the only way to know.
I've run a 500w motor on 2kw controller without burning it, and currently, I'm running a 3kw motor on 8kw controller. Both motors could easily die given the right conditions, but monitor temps and your good to go.
As I said only way to know.