Have I fried my controller?!

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Have I fried my controller?!

Post by 4r3st3r » Dec 14 2020 6:15am

When powering on my Kelly Controller KLS7245N, the key fuse kept blowing. Eventually I plugged the pin7 connector in after I allowed power to B+ and B-. The controller powered on fine, the key fuse fuse didn't blow and all was well. I then turned off the controller, but now it won't turn back on. Have I fried something in my controller?
Any help is gratefully received!
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Re: Have I fried my controller?!

Post by obcd » Dec 14 2020 9:38am

Fuses blow for a reason. You didn't specify when it blows.
Does it happen under a load or even simply when you power the controller?

What motor is connected? What battery voltage are you using?

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