SEVCON GEN4, CAN problem

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SEVCON GEN4, CAN problem

Post by buddhafragt » Dec 17 2020 2:34pm

I can not solve a problem since many days:
My GEN4 lost the CAN connection to the PC (if I like to program) and also disturb other CAN devices when the controller is in operational mode.
In preoperational mode everything is fine.......
I checked the CAN singal with a scope and the signal in operational mode have high distortions... so it seems it is a EMV problem, but I can not solve it. I try all EMC hints in the GEN4 manual, but no sucess.
The only solution I dont try until now is a electrical isolation between the GEN4 mounting plate and the car frame (its grounded of couse).
Any hints??

Greetings, Michael

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