Adding sensors to a Astro 3210 motor

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Re: Adding sensors to a Astro 3210 motor

Post by mwkeefer » Jun 05, 2011 8:44 am


That's cool - the 3220 and 3210 have the same case I belive (maybe longer) but same bolt pattern and shaft diameter?

Put me down for one please - I have a working and tuned solution but it looks like rat scat and I will be showing off the latest incarnations alot!

I'd buy a copy (without the additions) if you would make it available, PM me for contact info / payment, etc)


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Re: Adding sensors to a Astro 3210 motor

Post by Burtie » Mar 06, 2012 8:05 pm

Just linking this thread to an optical implementation.

While the external hall sensors with a separate magnetic rotor appear to work well, I could never get an internal hall sensor setup to work satisfactorily with an Astro motor.

After some experimentation fitting halls inside the Astro, I found problems caused by stator flux interfering with the sensors, causing bad commutation, even at very low power levels.
In an attempt to find a good internal solution, I tried this optical implementation instead: ... 30#p434772

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