cordless lawn mower motors

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cordless lawn mower motors

Post by jmygann » Nov 10 2010 12:24am

anyone tried any of these motors for a ebike ? Seems to be more and more of them ... RRWidgetID
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Re: cordless lawn mower motors

Post by rguy56 » Nov 10 2010 12:44am

Interesting. I had a Black and Decker 48v. mower that has to be, lord, 15-20 years old. I felt really green about it when cordless electric was new... I changed the sla's once, and they were really reliable and powerful in that application. When I changed the batteries, I shorted out the bms. Leaving me with a lesson learned by literal fire, that we don't mess with battery shorts. In spite of that, and primitive wiring post battery change, things kept chugging along...

That motor was really substantial. It would cut through dense grass for an hour when the batteries were new. I'm sure that a smarter brain than mine could make a rad commuter out of that idle mower. I didn't want the expense of another battery change.

It can't be that great a leap. If my wheel was turning with similar torque to the mower blade, I'm in at least 6th heaven, and I get back 6 sq. ft. of my garage...oh, wait the surplus bike frame, too...Could it be possible to park a car in my garage? I just peed myself with joy.

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Re: cordless lawn mower motors

Post by rebelpilot » Nov 10 2010 12:55am

My electric gokart/tractor uses an old electric mower motor. Very powerful brushed motors. The mower motors I have would be difficult to use in a bike, they are very long, but they would be suitable for a trike.

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