Hubmotor-on-fire question...

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Hubmotor-on-fire question...

Post by dutchlincoln » Mar 13 2014 2:17pm


A year ago, my electric scooter with 8Kw 13" hubmotor cought fire during the night while charging.

To make a long story short: all is lost, exept the hubmotor.
Now i found the courage to test it, and the windings seem to be o.k.
The halls act really erratic, couldn't explain it...
So, i opened up the motor, and discovered something curious: About 3 quarter of the magnets seem to have lost its magnetism...
Now, i know when heating a magnet it loses its magnetism, but the wires were still o.k (up to 3 inches from the axle, the rest is molten)
I figure: when the halls are okay, how hot can the motor have been??
I sometimes see here coils of hubmotors that are burnt coffee-brown... How hot must that have been?

Are there any other tests that i can do to check magnetism?

Can i replace the magnets? (where to buy, its a chinese alibaba motor...)

Can i get them out? (anyone here tried?)

All questions, i know...


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Re: Hubmotor-on-fire question...

Post by Ypedal » Mar 13 2014 2:27pm

Getting them out is easy if you don't care to save them.. they break really easy.

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