18 4110 Lyen with 96V?

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18 4110 Lyen with 96V?

Post by Roger » Jan 21 2015 12:39pm


Short questions to the pro users out there...
We own a 18 4110 STR MKII Lyen Controller and a Crystalyte 5303 V2 Motor. We like to set it up to run with 96V (30 x 3.2V LiPoFe).
Do we have to change something before connecting? What about this software paramter settings (USB)? Or is it not recommend to run with 96 V?
I don't have any manual or accurate specification for this items.. Does anyone have some more information?

Any help is appreciated!


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Re: 18 4110 Lyen with 96V?

Post by Roger » Jan 22 2015 2:33am

THX for the reply..

But do I have to change something? Lyen wrote in a post about changing the resistor network...
72V battery optimized (for higher or lower voltage & current such as 36V-100V, you may need to change the resistor network to avoid damage to the voltage regulator)
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Re: 18 4110 Lyen with 96V?

Post by Falco » Jan 30 2015 1:36am

I would not run this controller above 100VDC absolute max Hot off the charger. 100V is the max the components are rated for. Your 96v is nominal voltage and too high for this controller. 27s(LipoFe) is the max unless you want it to fail. I would be surprised if it didn't fail as soon as the battery was connected.
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Re: 18 4110 Lyen with 96V?

Post by dnmun » Jan 30 2015 5:17am

24S is the longest BMS you can buy so you really can only safely go to 87.6V or so max. that does allow the 4110 mosfets and 100V capacitors to survive.

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Re: 18 4110 Lyen with 96V?

Post by cal3thousand » Jan 30 2015 10:53am

I run a Lyen 4110 on 96V (hot off the charger), but that is 24S lipo charged to 4.0V/cell. I have run it up to 100V HOC before though. This charger was modified by Lyen to run off 100V by changing a resistor somewhere. I'd ask him.
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Re: 18 4110 Lyen with 96V?

Post by marcexec » Jan 31 2015 3:07pm

Got mine up to 92V so far (see signature for details), seem to have more an issue with power levels than voltage ATM...
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Re: 18 4110 Lyen with 96V?

Post by John in CR » Jan 31 2015 5:32pm

The 5303 is also a lower inductance motor than the guys running 100V fresh off the charger use, and those all but obsolete controllers have issues with low inductance motors that forces more conservative voltage. I doubt that motor has the torque to run that high a voltage anyway unless it's a fully fared bike with great aerodynamics or a 20" or smaller wheel. Ignore the long history of overstated anecdotal about the power of those 30mm wide stator motors. While they were the first reasonable power ebike motors, those pushing high power into them were on relatively flat terrain pushing light loads so high current was only short duration.

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