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Adaptto mini-E Throttle and PAS..

Posted: Sep 04 2016 11:50pm
by joe535

just got an idea. The mini-E (and the others as well, I guess), does not have an input for torque-sensor.
It offers PAS input to enable or disable the motor, so far so good.

Now what would be if iI connect a torques-sensor to the throttle-input? If the sensor produces
an analogue signal similar to the throttle, it should work...

Did anybody ever try this?


Re: Adaptto mini-E Throttle and PAS..

Posted: Oct 12 2016 4:50am
by atomek1000
Definately doable but what torque sensor you have in mind? There are not many on the market..

First thing that comes to my mind is to use this bb ... m-114.html and adjust throttle values in adaptto to match output voltages of thos sensor. Should be good.