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BLDC Magnet Grades?

Posted: Feb 25 2017 2:38pm
by s28400
I am in the process of designing my own BLDC motor and I had a few questions regarding magnets. Does anyone know what the grade of neodymium magnet normally used in small rc motors? I have been looking at some charts comparing the grades and I think that N48H would be a good balance between strength and temperature resistance. Does anyone have any experience here?
Any help is appreciated.

Re: BLDC Magnet Grades?

Posted: Feb 28 2017 11:04pm
by macribs
I don't got much to offer regarding neod's but I know Astro motors uses samarium cobolt magnets to withstand higher temperatures before demangetizing occurs. Those astro motors perform insanely compared to weight and size. If you are taking the task of creating a motor from scratch why not use the top of the line magnets?

Re: BLDC Magnet Grades?

Posted: Mar 02 2017 6:49pm
by toolbag
Typically 45SH is a good compromise with respect to field strength / temperature stability for hobby applications at high electrical frequency.

The price of 48H is similar, so in applications with better magnet cooling (or lower rotor losses) they can be a better choice.