MOTOR PORN !! EMRAX 228 teardown !!

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Re: MOTOR PORN !! EMRAX 228 teardown !!

Post by evo1087 » Aug 13, 2017 8:23 pm

Is there a cached download of the site the original poster linked on the Emrax?

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Re: MOTOR PORN !! EMRAX 228 teardown !!

Post by athlon » Aug 22, 2017 1:59 pm

i'm currently using this motor in a project , I will keep you updated how it goes

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Re: MOTOR PORN !! EMRAX 228 teardown !!

Post by methods » Aug 26, 2017 3:21 pm

Spinning magnets...

If you are going to split a thread put the damn link to the split in the thread and note that you split the thread please.

Totally out of context split: ... 30&t=90023

There is a reason for arguments... and they stand and where they stand - even if you are not following closely or dont care.
You left me high and dry in this thread with ohbse with the last word.
Then put me in another thread arguing with Luke for no apparent reason.
Dont appreciate it.

Thats call fracturing and it puts things out of context.

The forum is more than pit of free information for people to sift through.
Its a social environment where some people take a heavy hand.
Luke takes a heavy hand so I swat at him from time to time... as most people wont dare.

Do you know how many people I have to listen to saying "luke said this... but luke said that"
Luke says a lot of things.

Chill with the thread splittingplease .
If Doc wants to he can ask Luke and I to delete posts. Happy to do that.

I like history preserved in context in order.

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