Magic Pie 3 Internal controller power loss 10.5 Amp only

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Magic Pie 3 Internal controller power loss 10.5 Amp only

Post by Quickebike58 » Sep 15, 2017 7:10 am

I have been a heavy researcher of knowledge on this forum for many years but this is my first posting.
The guys/girls who share there experience and knowledge i really appreciate and you have helped me many a time with my small inconveniences over the years with electric bikes.

But Now i have a problem with my Magic pie 3 that i need some help on and any idea's from the members will be appreciated.

The specs of the bike.

Magic pie 3 with internal controller.
14s 20c 8000 ma lipo.
Charged to 4.12v @ 57.68v
Hobby king Wattmeter
26 inch Old English electric bike Strong gt 210 frame.
52 tooth bottom bracket cog.

I normally pedal a lot and ride around the 30kmh mark and i have noticed a drop in acceleration and checking the watt meter confirms that i am only drawing 10.5 amps and around 550 watts from the batteries.
This is in comparison to the 17 amps and around a 1000 watts that i used to get.

The batteries that i am using are about 4000km old so my first thought was even though these batteries are only a couple of years old and recharge without any problems can they still supply the current to the controller being the reason for low amp output so i tried a different battery pack @14s 20c 5000ma with roughly the same result on the wattmeter.

Through research i know my next Ebike experience may be an external controller and that doesn't phase me but if any one has had similar problems and possible answers could you please let me know .

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Re: Magic Pie 3 Internal controller power loss 10.5 Amp only

Post by brumbrum » Sep 28, 2017 1:43 pm

I am not sure if the internal controller will roll back power if it gets too warm inside the motor, but this maybe a cause. GM controllers have never been known for their reliability. Have you tried posting this issue on the golden motor forum? The chap that moderates it, Alan aka bikemad is very helpful if he is not too busy.

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