Controller with torque control capability - need some advice

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Controller with torque control capability - need some advice

Post by drebikes » Oct 24, 2017 3:58 am

Hi all, I'm looking for a new controller. I have used for years em3ev's 9-FET Infineon 4110, but I haven't really searched for a controller since 2012, maybe you can help me. There are a few features that I like on the Infineon 4110 as it's not just a dumb DC-AC converter.

Here's a very short "what I like about the 4110" list:
*can limit AC current - controls the maximum value on the torque and on the amount of copper losses; I never had an overheating problem, or driveability issues after a bit of mapping
*can limit DC current and low DC voltage cutoff - protects the battery to such an extent that a BMS is no longer necessary, except for cell balancing
*can adjust the 3-speed ...speeds as percentage of max - once you testdrive the 100% you know at what value to place the "legal" mode for us European types

This is what 2012 offered, and you would think in 5 years things have improved a bit. However, Paul's site still shows these controllers as the current gen: ... ontroller/ ... ontroller/
BMSbattery has way cheaper options, as little as a third of the price, but has no info on what the controller can do: ... e-kit.html

I'm a bit miffed of the lack of information - BMSbattery has square-wave, sine-wave (I know the difference between these), but torque simulation, what is that? Would that be a fancy way of saying it limits torque (AC current) - and if so, how? Infineons need to be flashed every time you want to change a setting which is fine, but how can one adjust BMSbattery's controllers (if possible)? It looks like they sell a CA of sorts that may be actually required for the Torque simulation controllers.

If you know of any controller, or controller+thing combo that translates DC into AC I'm all ears...or eyes. Ultimately, EM3EV's stuff is expensive, but also good; maybe there are alternatives, please advise


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