What MOSFET to upgrade with?

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What MOSFET to upgrade with?

Post by progrock » Nov 04 2017 2:29pm

If you were going to upgrade your controller's MOSFETs, which ones would you go with now?

I know the old favorite is the IRFB4110, but with how quickly technology is evolving, I assume there has to be better choices at this point.

After a little research, I've seen people recommended the AOT290L and the CSD19536KCS.

Anyone got any others they recommend, or got a preference?... seems like the CSD19536KCS is likely the best (also the most expensive... BUT I'm asking more what's the best, as long as they are not >$20 each or something), but seems like the AOT190L may be more popular.

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Re: What MOSFET to upgrade with?

Post by parasole » Nov 18 2017 2:24am

Check out most important parameters, each next is slightly better than IRFB4110, which still is a good choice if you are riding it in normal conditions...
To replace or not pretty much depend from your application, the more power you demand the lower Rds ON you want (less heat) and higher Id so you may pump out more power…

Drain-to-Source Voltage V RDS(on) mΩ Id A Power Dissipation W TC=25°C
IRFB4110 100 3.5 120 370
AOT290L 100 2.7 140 500
CSD19536KCS 100 2.3 150 375

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