Help with my motor/adaptto.

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Help with my motor/adaptto.

Post by kdog » Mar 22 2018 10:20pm

Hi all
I'm trying to sort out issues with running this motor on a MIDI E. Controller.
First I need to remember/identify the motor.
It's a 3000w 45mm motor similar to a mxus. Phat phases dual halls .35 lams, seems pretty good construction.
The name is something like lellie, or leilli. I can't remember it which is annoying. It's got LLxxxxxxx stamped on the side. Cause I don't know the spelling I can't search for it properly.
Anyone know what I'm talking about? :?

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Re: Help with my motor/adaptto.

Post by ridethelightning » May 10 2018 4:55am

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