Crystalyte 408 w water damage - advice req

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Crystalyte 408 w water damage - advice req

Post by Metadope » Jun 25 2018 7:57am

I just bought this hub motor on eBay, and discovered the windings are covered in gunk (see pics).

This looks to me to be some severe water damage. Is this hub worth the work to salvage it?
Any tips on how to clean the gunk without causing further damage to the windings?
The hall sensors and/or their wiring appear to be non-functional (after rudimentary testing with 5vdc and DVM), but also, curiously, it looks like these sensors are in a different form factor than what has been documented in other 4xx series (SS40A): the red and black power/ground to each sensor disappears to the underside and only the signal wires appear to the topside.
I am hoping other Crystalyte 408 brethren could help with advice.

TIA, Jim

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Re: Crystalyte 408 w water damage - advice req

Post by SprocketLocket » Jul 04 2018 3:11am

Apologies for not having advice, but I'd also be interested in input on how we can PREVENT this from happening.

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Re: Crystalyte 408 w water damage - advice req

Post by skeetab5780 » Jul 04 2018 8:17am

Does the motor spin? If not id start by pulling the stator out and cleaning the surface of the magnets and the top of the lams, then youll be able to also see the hall sensors which are set into the top of the lams. To properly test them you need 5vdc and you have spin the motor

Looks like a fun...project

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Re: Crystalyte 408 w water damage - advice req

Post by Pete1961 » Jul 21 2018 7:16am

Is it water damage, or has the motor been overheated at some time, thus melting the insulation? You should read about the same ohms value across any two of the three heavy phase wires, & no circuit to the metalwork from any phase. Also you might smell a burned motor smell from it. If the motor is OK mechanically ie. it rotates ok, & the wiring is faulty, it may be worth having a quote off an AC motor rewinding shop to test & rewind the phases side of it - & then run it off a sensorless or universal controller. Just a way of salvaging something from the buy.

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Re: Crystalyte 408 w water damage - advice req

Post by HomeScape » Jul 22 2018 4:33pm

I personaly dont think that fixing the motor is worth your time, a 408w motor isn't anything that would cost a lot to replace with a new one. I wouldent want to risk a broken motor halfway to my work...


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