ME1302 and Sevcon drive Gen4

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ME1302 and Sevcon drive Gen4

Post by bernext » Jul 03 2018 11:53am


I've have upgraded the firmware in my Sevcon drive (SN0058.28.dld), and I have uploaded a brand new DCF file (ME1302 80V Size4 6000RPM FW SN0058-28.dcf).

I'm trying to control the Gen4 using a master configuration. I'm following the procedure from the "Vehicle-Setup-and-Configuration" application note (Sections 2.4.1 & 2.4.2).

I've disabled the Vehicle Application Software, I've cleared all the PDOs, in order to send torque demands directly from the PC for the controller to act upon.

Unfortunately, the motor is not turning at all. The statusword of the motor control, read from 0x6041 should have the following bits set: 0x0027, but instead it shows 0x0421, and some other times 0x0440.

I just want to check if basic motor control is working correctly, overriding demands being fed in from the Traction Application.

There are no faults shown in the DVT. No blinking led also. Could this mean, there is a problem with the motor ?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.


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