Toyota Prius A/C motor, IPM inrunner, 93-88mm

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Toyota Prius A/C motor, IPM inrunner, 93-88mm

Post by spinningmagnets » Aug 13 2018 8:28pm

There are hundreds of these being crushed in junkyards across America. They can likely be picked up for scrap weight. The basplate housing in the graphic below is a custom CNC aluminum unit, and the primary reduction shown is made from purchased gears, rather than a stock Toyota reduction.

The builder reports that the shell OD is 93mm, and the interior rotor diameter is 52mm. The 88mm length is estimated. Builders who are familiar with the Turnigy 80-100 and 80-85 RC outrunners can already visualize these dimensions.

The stock Kv is roughly 40.

The original thread is here:

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