Mxus 3k V3 190mm dropout?

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Mxus 3k V3 190mm dropout?

Post by Erst » Aug 29 2018 12:48pm

My first post here!
I am searching for a Mxus 3k V3 for my fatbike with 190mm dropout. Today its running with a 750w Bafang 8fun hub drive on 48V and I beleive I need something more powerful. I will go with 20s lipo and a Sabvoton controller and preferably a 4T mxus. The problem is the 190mm dropout.. I know some people have made custom axles. Is it possible to find such an axle or a complete motor?
When searching I found this : ... 727eG4bI9h
Is this a branded mxus v3? It has the 190mm axle so that could be a solution. How man turns could it have?
Any opinions or help?

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