Sevcon Gen4 size 4 with ME1115 Motor

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Sevcon Gen4 size 4 with ME1115 Motor

Post by Axcor » Aug 31 2018 3:14pm

I am looking to program a Sevcon Gen4 size 4 controller with a ME1115 motor . I was wondering if anyone has a .dld and a .dcf file available for the configuration?.
I had already connected everything (FS1, FWD, BWD, switch seat) but the motor doesn’t spin.
No failures appear in the DVT software, but at the moment when I click in the “Go operational “Button, the contactor does not activate.(The Line contactor is mapped in the DVT Helper, and the pull-in voltage is 24V, the contactor doesn’t have economizer).

I don’t know what else to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The controller and the motor are used.

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