Taobao controller mania

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Taobao controller mania

Post by larsb » Sep 08 2018 10:09am

They sure know how to sell controllers over at taobao: ... t=5#detail
Just translate that page through google and enjoy :D
They seem to be going for hotrodded, watercooled motors and controllers :D, who doesn't like that?

Why not get a water cooling block for votol EM150 controller to supposedly get it to 600A? There are blocks for kellys also..if you're into those :roll: ... 9706915760
TB2lqwhq25TBuNjSspcXXbnGFXa_!!754254469.jpg (93.58 KiB) Viewed 308 times
There are five computer coolers and fans on that bike!
I'm challenging everyone to top this in a hotrodded build :D, it's been a while since there was something crazy here!

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