Sevcon Gen4 Size4 issues

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Sevcon Gen4 Size4 issues

Post by melkor » Nov 14 2018 4:07am


I am beginner in this EV world and am working right now with a 2 Sevcon Gen4 Setup.

After installing all the softwares and driver for CAN, I can use DVT Consumer to communicate with the controllers.
But I still have issues and the motor does not turn on.

1. The controller sometimes does not activate the Line Contactor. (Line Contactor Pin3 – Pin 4 : 0 V)
This makes the Capacitor Voltage decreasing over time even below the Min. Cap Volt in the DVT.
when it fail to drive the contactor, sometimes I get error: 0x5183, Alg out over I, but on the other time I get 0x5185 Alg Out Off with FS.

2. I connected the Foot Switch into gnd (active low).
Could someone confirm it that it is correct?
Sometimes there is an error message pop up regarding this FS.
0x5185 Alg Out Off with FS

Can someone suggest me some idea to try to troubleshoot this?

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