EU/UK New High Power Chargers 14s-30s 5A-20A

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EU/UK New High Power Chargers 14s-30s 5A-20A

Post by AccountMember » Mar 14, 2018 9:41 am

I Buy these to include with batteries In Bulk to save on the shipping and get for a better price

Currently I have UK stock of

1x 20s 6A £115
2x 22s 6A £115
4x 24s 5A £115

1x 24s 8A £145
2x 26s 8A £145

1x 30s 7A £145

1x 24s 20A £215

Chargers have internal pots and I have had lots of success experimenting changing them (voltage goes down to below 50v) however the values above are the factory set values they are underpowered stock. For example I used a 100.8v 8A at 14A without problem, the fan is temperature activated and in stock form they are usually on and off as the temperature stays low in modded form it’s on constantly and stays around the same cool temp.

Please get in touch for more information I used this same supplier for a long time now and have sold many on eBay and have perfect feedback

You are free to mod these with external potentiometers and external voltage/amp displays the possibilities are endless

Any more information comment and I’ll hopefully see it and reply I can do discount on more than 1 Charger

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Re: EU/UK New High Power Chargers 14s-30s 5A-20A

Post by csc » Mar 15, 2018 10:53 am


What are the weight and dimensions for the 24s 20a ? And how would you reduce the voltage to 20s ?

Thanks !

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