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SOLD : Kokam High Power Lithium Battery Cells

Posted: Jan 04 2021 10:20am
by horsevxi
Up for sale are 16 new Kokam SLPB98188216P battery cells. These are incredibly high power cells that are able to discharge up to 900A each! This would be a perfect set of cells to make a light weight 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, or 60V pack in 1P configuration with extremely high power output.

I bought these as surplus from a solar energy company a little over a year ago, but decided I needed to make a higher voltage pack and did not use them. The solar company said they were new and have not been used in any application when I purchased them. 15 of the cells certainly look brand new and the last one also looks new from the tabs, but it has been painted with a flat black coating. This cell has the same storage voltage retention and capacity as the others, so it is probably also brand new.

These have been stored in my 70*F basement over the last year since I have owned them. Every 3 months, I discharged 5 Ah from each cell and then charged them back up to 3.8V for storage. All cells performed similarly and maintain the same storage voltage.

They are located in Michigan, USA. I can ship at buyer's expense.

Pictures and spec sheet attached below.


Re: Kokam High Power Lithium Battery Cells

Posted: Jan 04 2021 4:23pm
by horsevxi
I just realized that I didn't put a price in the original listing. I would like to get $400 for the lot ($25 per cell) + shipping. I may consider lower offers. I can also meet and exchange in person if someone is semi-local to Southern Michigan.