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NEW DP9C BATTERY *** FOR SALE *** 48V 24,5Ah 52V 21Ah

Posted: Jan 09 2021 9:04pm
by glebor
Hello. We have new battery for e-bikes / escooter for sale. MG VOLT company is located in Poland.
We produces batteries for electric bicycles and we use only new sanyo NCR18650GA cells.
They are brand new and unwelded ones (energetically are brand new, 0 cycyles, ~THE SAME VOLTAGE FOR ALL NEW CELLS) - perfect cells for building very good quality battery.


I accepting payment PayPal and wire transfers.

To calculate shipping cost send me private message.

All cells have the same, nominal fabrical voltage, full capacity. Never been charged.

Battery in the SHARK DP9C box with a voltage of 48V and a capacity of 24.5Ah, or 52V 21Ah.

48V version:
-> 13S5P sanyo ga build in hailong g65 battery box, with bms 48V 17,5Ah, balancing function 840Wh
Price: 490 euro

-> 13S7P sanyo GA build in shark DP9C battery box, with BMS (temperature controle, balancing function, and switching on/off the bms power amplifier) 48V 24,5Ah 1176Wh
Price: 580 euro

-> 14S5P sanyo GA 52V 17,5Ah biuld in hailong g80 battery box with bms, balancing function, onn/off switch
495 euro

-> 14S6P sanyo GA 52V 21Ah baild in shark DP9 battery box with BMS (temperature controle, balancing function, and switching on/off the bms power amplifier) 1090Wh
550 euro

during the production of the battery we use:
-> epoxy glass insulators securing the pluses of cells and distancing them from minuses
-> plastic spacer 18650
-> capton tape 100um
-> addictional fuse for plus socket
-> BMS controlling the negative wire
-> only new brand cells
-> heat shrink sleeve

If you need chargers, we offer them also. We offer high-quality aluminum chargers 4A 54.6V for 13S and 58.8V for 14S li-ion battery. Cost: 50 euro.

We can ship batteries to Germany, France and UK. Shipping cost about 25 euros.
we can sell by ebay, payment can be paypal, or directly to our account.