Bike GPS Tracker now available at O2Bikes

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Bike GPS Tracker now available at O2Bikes

Post by Nicholasong » Feb 05 2021 9:39am

Bicycle GPS Tracker (By Tail it)

Hidden and flexible GPS Tracker for bicycles and E-Bikes. This GPS Tracker is secured to your bike with Tail it patent pending bicycle tracker, hidden in your bikes handlebar. With a patent pending locking mechanism, you will be able to secure the bike tracker inside the bicycle handlebar.

Full details here
Email us at if you have any questions

A subscription is required starting at USD6.95

Currently priced at USD95, sign up to our newsletter for 10% discount code

Q: How does it get GPS signal inside the handlebar?
A: The antenna is at the tip of the device which is on the edge of the handlebar. We've tested the device installed in a handlebar and the GPS signal was working in the trunk of the car.

Q: What happens when there's no GPS signal?
A: The device switches over to wifi and provides an approximate location based on the closest node. Yes it will gather location from an unknown wifi network.


Patent Pending Locking Mechanism
Bike Tracker is 100% hidden inside handlebar
8 weeks battery life on a single charge
Low battery notification
Live tracking (updates every 5 seconds)
Flexible, fits all bikes
Large ceramic antennas
State-of-the-art GPS chipset
Includes WIFI chipset and WIFI antenna
Global Range
100% waterproof with an IP67 Rating
Lightweight 22g (0.78Oz)

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