fiberglass insulator on the pluses of cells

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fiberglass insulator on the pluses of cells

Post by glebor » Apr 05 2021 6:50am

Hi. If you build good quality batteries, we have solid epoxy glass insulators for sale.

You have to use them in all battery!

How do they differ from pressboard:
- are resistant to moisture
- they are temperature resistant. Fiberglass is practically fireproof. Only the resin is melted, and the fiber is still insulated against short-circuiting individual cells.
- they are mechanically more resistant to cutting through the plates
- hold in honeycomb and square plastic spacers.
- 0.5mm thickness good distances the nickel strip from the minus

We have for 18650 cells at the moment. If you need 21700 or 26650 size, please send me PM.

Price: 5USD / 100 PCS.

Shipping for EU.
IMG_20201102_1702041.jpg (246.06 KiB) Viewed 108 times
We also build batteries on them. See what our insulators look like in packages:
20210122_220050.jpg (237.92 KiB) Viewed 108 times

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