reention newest downtube case, very big.

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reention newest downtube case, very big.

Post by Sophia.XP » Jan 17 2022 9:25pm

reention newest downtube case,365*93*153mm
Is it too big?
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Re: reention newest downtube case, very big.

Post by Jamzz » Jan 18 2022 9:46pm


*** *** FOR SALE *** *** Read This First...
by Ypedal » Feb 22 2011 11:38am

For Sale. v3.0 ( revised April 24, 2011 )

This is the " New Items " section, basically, if you are a vendor with inventory, or you have something brand new and never used for sale.. this is the place.

Do :
- Do describe in detail what you are selling
- Do describe in the SUBJECT LINE what you are selling instead of " For Sale " or " Stuff " .
- Do include Pictures if possible
- Specify if you offer support, or if you know nothing about the product..
- Do indicate your location < canada, usa, uk, etc.. > and are you willing to ship outside your country !?
- Price, with or without shipping

Do Not :
- Do NOT start multiple posts for the same item
- Do NOT cross post your stuff in other's posts for sale
- Do NOT use other peoples pictures for your items unless you have permission

Edit your post when the item is sold with " SOLD " in the subject line... or flag it for deletion if you prefer it be removed...

VENDORS :::: .. You know who you are, if you register on ES purely for advertising and nothing else ( like contributing to the forum, helping others, and such.. ) you should only post in this section of the forum

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