IRFB4110 fets $2.50 or $2.00 help me get some

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Re: IRFB4110 fets $2.50 or $2.00 help me get some

Postby methods » Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:44 pm

Ok - I have some fets.

First come first served as I dont have all that many.
Fire when ready.

The current reasons I do not daily drive a pure EV:
* Lease mileage caps. I commute a minimum of 26,000 miles a year + weekends.
* I drive a minimum of 100 miles a day and can not trust that I can charge on location - so I need a 100+ mile range.
* I want to tinker... can I tinker on my Lease Car if I share the R&D?
* Weather - I need an enclosed vehicle. Motorcycle wont fly with a 5yo in the rain.
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