ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Upgrade Plug-n-Play

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ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Upgrade Plug-n-Play

Post by evolutiongts » Oct 28 2016 3:28pm





Electric Race Technologies is offering its Sinewave Controller Upgrade for the Bafang BBSHD
External Sinewave Controller is easily to mount and install
Very smooth power due to Sinewave technology, and allows up to 100V and 45A
The stock controller on the BBSHD limits you to 60V and 30A
This upgrade is extensively tested and proven
Up to 40mph+ on a 72V Battery System
Cycle Analyst Compatible
Temp Sensor
Fully Programmable
Please specify which connectors your BBSHD uses as there are two versions. Version A uses Anderson Power Poles and Version B uses Quick Disconnects ... ll%20Guide ... rogramming

$159 - ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller
+$20 Half Twist Throttle with Voltage Meter Key Switch
+$10 Controller Programming Cable
+$150 Cycle Analyst V3 Plug and Play (With Thermal Protection and PAS Hookups)

Phase Runner Coming Soon as well.
Electric Race Technologies

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Re: ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Upgrade Plug-n-Play

Post by E-dub » Dec 03 2017 11:08pm

Greetings. Nice work. Are you open to sending members of this forum like myself instructions on how you installed the sinewave controller. There is nothing out there that I can find in regards to assembly. Many thanks.

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Re: ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Upgrade Plug-n-Play

Post by dustNbone » Dec 04 2017 5:38pm

You mean connecting an external controller to the BBSHD? If you remove the stock controller there's phase/hall wires coming from inside the motor, you just connect it the same as any sensored motor. Making it look nice/be weather resistant will involve making a new "cover" for the area where the controller mounts. I just gutted a (dead) bafang controller but I'm not sure what he did with this kit.

Looks great though. If this was available when I did my conversion I'd probably have gone for it, though with a 25A controller because I have a BBS02.

EDIT: The first link (install guide) gives a 404 error

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Re: ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Upgrade Plug-n-Play

Post by alswiseowl » Oct 01 2018 12:30am

hi there,

how much for the kit delivered to sydney Australia...

I already have a 74v battery to use on the kit..


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Re: ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Upgrade Plug-n-Play

Post by StuRat » Oct 01 2018 4:27am

Another aussie order, but I'll wait for the phaserunner

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Re: ERT BBSHD Sinewave Controller Upgrade Plug-n-Play

Post by bobmutch » Dec 16 2018 9:04pm

what is the status on this document...
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