18650 Spacers for DIY Builds

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18650 Spacers for DIY Builds

Post by Boobyjohn » Feb 20 2017 3:12pm

Hi all

I have designed a few spacers like the one in the below pictures, which I am happy to offer to people on here. The spacers provide a nice snug fit to 18650 cells (also shown in one picture), with a minimal spacing between cells of 1 mm. Please note, the spacers shown assume that each parallel group is placed on a straight line and that cells within each parallel group touch.


If you prefer a different layout (e.g., a grid), I can provide for that as well just post a simple mockup using MS paint, or better yet, inkscape. Please try to clearly indicate to me where the spacer should be in the drawing.

I don't have direct access to a 3D printer, yet, but if there is enough interest... :)

Pricing will depend on specific layout, but I'd venture a guess of 0.25 EUR/cell.

If you prefer to have the item printed locally (using your own printer or a 3D printing service, e.g., 3Dhubs (google it, it is awesome)), I will generate the required 3D model for you as desired. Pricing for this service depends on the complexity of your layout.

I am located in Denmark, and shipping will depend on your destination, size, weight, etc. Obviously, if you go for self-printing option, freight is free (or whatever you pay for broadband connection).

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Re: 18650 Spacers for DIY Builds

Post by brumbrum » Feb 20 2017 3:26pm

€50.00 for a 20s 30ah pack is a little pricey in my book. Though they are nice and compact. Glws.
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Re: 18650 Spacers for DIY Builds

Post by Boobyjohn » Feb 20 2017 3:44pm


I see your point, but ABS filament (material used by the printer) is approx 25 EUR for 1 kg. Spacers for a 20S 30Ah pack would probably weigh in at ~400 grams total (depending on layout), which is 12 EUR just for printing materials. Then you have to factor in labor, printer maintenance, electricity, etc. All in all, this is not really a cash cow by any means, but what I can realistically produce them for. That may be too expensive for some/all, but there is not much I can do about it.

I just thought that I would give it a go and see if there is any interest in a product like this. :)

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Re: 18650 Spacers for DIY Builds

Post by spuzzete » Feb 20 2017 5:48pm

I think the price is ok.

I do some 3D printing and designing as a hobbyist and I know what a pain is working with ABS at times. From the pictures the design and printing seem high quality. I do not need any at the moment but if I was building a pack and wanted some peace of mind to keep my cells firmly in place, I would definitely order some spacers from you.

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Re: 18650 Spacers for DIY Builds

Post by cwah » Mar 04 2017 4:38am

Looks nice but too expensive
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Re: 18650 Spacers for DIY Builds

Post by macribs » Mar 06 2017 6:42pm

Great work. Nice design that seems slim yet sturdy. Could you make some real life examples of how much added space those 18650 spacers will require for various battery packs? That will help people realize the benefits of your product over the big bulky chinese spacers.

Maybe draw mock ups of a 20s10p, 20s16p, a 12s8p etc. If you would compare that to both hot glued cells and pack made with chinese spacers customers would easily see the value in your spacers.

Cheaper alternatives are the way more bulky like em chinese spacers, but those made in china they really eats into your battery box's real estate.
This spacer is slim, about as slim as possible and will help builders get the most out of their available battery space.

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Re: 18650 Spacers for DIY Builds

Post by atomek1000 » Mar 08 2017 2:31pm

Chinese companies already make them. Here's link. Quality is very good. Battery glued on these holders is very sturdy and more rigid than bare cells glued together

https://www.aliexpress.com/store/produc ... 0.0.SmSfuP

And cost per cell comes down to 0.16Eur/cell (with shipping from china)

The adventage from 3d printing holders comes when you prepare fully printed design not stacked/modular etc. Then you have very strong holder and you dont have to use glue at all. So you get advantage of honeycomb space saving structure and ease of using holders(no need for glue).

Keep up your work and maybe offer specially designed holders for 13s5p, 14s6p etc.


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