QS 4000W 273 40H V3 motor 700$ + shipping

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QS 4000W 273 40H V3 motor 700$ + shipping

Post by PeeHell » Jun 04 2017 12:22pm

Due to a canceled project, I have to sell one of my bare QS Motor 4000W 273 40H V3 brand new still packaged in box. The price is 700 USD + shipping.

Here are specs & pics of the motor :

Dropouts 152mm (also suit for 150mm dropouts fork)
Axle Flat 12mm
Disc Brake PCD6X44mm
English Thread not available, Metric Thread available
Phase Wire 10mm2
Spoke Hole OD 4.2mm
Thread Length 14mm
Net Weight 18.1kg (with metric freewheel)
Winding: 48*3T+, 975RPM @ 72V, equal to 13.54kV
If interested, PM me.

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Re: QS 4000W 273 40H V3 motor 700$ + shipping

Post by MadRhino » Jun 26 2017 6:50pm

Hey Peehell

I just noticed that you abandoned that build. Did you complete the other one ?

I might have a buyer for the parts that you will not use, including the motor if you make a better price. You know where to find me. :wink:
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