high power IP67 water proof charger with free shipping

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high power IP67 water proof charger with free shipping

Post by jasperlee » Jan 01 2018 11:00am

Hi Everyone
Have been around the forum for a while and I found that many friends are DIY their own battery pack for the electric bike or motors. So I think our 48V 15A/25A and 60V 10A series charger suitable for those need high power charging.
We are a professional team working on high power charging device, especially those for electric car, golf cart. We supplier more than 50K charger every year.
Our charger is special for those points:
1) Totally sealed with a molding aluminum outer case. Its IP67 standard water proof. These kind of design is necessary for industrial level reliability.
2) CAN communication applicability. So if you use a advanced BMS, than you can control the charging condition of the charger, which is solution on the electric car.
3) 12V power supply optional.
4) MCU programming capability. So if you have your own charging algorithm, we can program the charger for you.

For the price you might want to know. The 750W series is about $169, and 1300W series is about $229, and 2000W series is about $369. Free shipping before end of these month. If you are interested, please contact my mail( support@enthalpypower.com) or PM me for more information.


For more information, you are welcome to visit our website:www.enthalpypower.com

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