Fake Panasonic 18650

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Fake Panasonic 18650

Post by cheetahgod » Jan 05 2018 11:35pm

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Re: Panasonic 18650

Post by amberwolf » Jan 06 2018 1:35am

I'll assume you're not selling these, given you're not posting prices/etc as required if you were, and that it's an alibaba site. ;)

They're not panasonic, they're some other brand--they just put panasonic in the title to get attention. They also claim 3400mAh in the title, but then part of the specs say "Nominal Capacity: 3001-3500mAh", which seems like quite a wide range for new Panasonic cells. (and they don't specify at what current/temperature/etc those capacities were measured at).

Oh, and they also say you can charge them at 110-240v, though they don't say if that's AC or DC. ;)

And it takes 1000times (times what?) to charge them.

Apparently they are overcharging at 4.2v, even though their voltage range is 3.6v to 4.2v (which isn't the same as any of the Panasonics I know of).

Also strange that you can only pull 600mA from them (less than .18C), but you can charge them at 5.1Amps (1.5C).

I wouldn't buy from this company at all, just based on the mis-info (or lack of info) they give for their products.
Product name: NCR18650-34B Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Voltage: 3.6v-4.2v
Output: 4.2v 600mA
Input: 110-240v
Over charging:4.2v
Maximum charge: 1.5C
internal resistance: below 50milliohm
Charging time: 1000times
Weight: 48g
Size: 69.5mm x 18.5mm (length x diameter)

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