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Re: NEW: Qulbix Q140MD Core

Posted: Aug 16 2018 7:54pm
by macribs
Offroader wrote:
Aug 14 2018 11:03pm
Is there not one person here yet who bought this?

I assume this is because you need to buy the complete bike and not the frame?

This is tempting, I always wanted a mid drive when they finally were built proper. I've been messing with my hybrid car NimH to lithium conversion for over a year now so I haven't been messing with the ebike, this gets my interest.

The only thing is my Q76R hub motor allows me to do everything. I'm not so sure about not having a sine-wave controller, would the max-e even work with this thing properly.

Just watched this, seems like a good unit. I like the way they incorporated the pedals. Clever.
Motor placement is A1 in my book. Zero chain growth is always a good thing. Nice swing arm and wheel attachment, easy to remove rear wheel to change tire etc.

Is there any info on what motor and controller is used on this new mid drive? Seems like the Qulbix team just came out with one of the coolest bikes so far this year.

Here is the direct link to video as it does not play if embedded;

Re: NEW: Qulbix Q140MD Core

Posted: Aug 16 2018 10:47pm
by scrambler
I agree, this is quite a nice configuration.

They apparently use a Hub motor, which will make it super silent. The risk is overheating, but it seems they have taken steps to manage it.
The smart phone app for configuration is a nice touch.

If they had mounted a Pinion gearbox and a torque sensing PAS, they would have had a Neematic killer (but can you kill a ghost :wink: )
There may actually be space to adapt a Pinion afterwards...
They should also look into using the new 21700 Cells for bigger battery range.

Now that we know how easy it is to register one of these as a moped in California, it does make it a compelling offer.
You could have a street legal bike and the ability to go on trails with the pedals, even if a single gear does not quite make them fully usable.

Re: NEW: Qulbix Q140MD Core

Posted: Aug 17 2018 10:47am
bionicon wrote:
Aug 16 2018 1:48pm
I still try to find out how many 18650 cells will fit this frame? Did somebody has seen dimensions of the batterybox?
it comes with the battery, as you can only buy complete bike version
I don't think anyone owe this bike but I really hoping to see some user's review

Re: NEW: Qulbix Q140MD Core

Posted: Oct 05 2018 3:10am
by benjamin84
Sorry to bring up this long dead thread - but has anyone purchased on of these bikes yet? I am seriously considering converting from riding enduro motorbikes to something (comparatively) light and silent like this Q140MD. It would be perfect for cruising around in the forest with some light camping gear and generally enjoying nature without pissing off hikers and hunters with the sound of a 500cc thumper...

Would love to hear if anyone has any experience with Qulbix at all, it's a fairly steep price to pay for a relatively unknown product.

Re: NEW: Qulbix Q140MD Core

Posted: Oct 05 2018 11:27am
by macribs
The Qulbix is actually well know company. At least by most e-bikers. They have been around for years and seems to the quality control dialed in. Prices are I guess what they must be in order to make money. Remember, powerful e-bikes are not yet a huge market. So hard for manufacturers to get high production volume benefits. Think of it is boutique e-bikes. Also the Qulbix is made in EU and not in China. So you got to factor in labor costs, parts, vat and taxes etc.

But if you actually think about it, and make a list of all the components you will need to buy to build something similar I am sure you will see the price is not actually bad.

Is it expensive, well yes compared to an ordinary Chinese e-bike it is. Will you get your moneys worth? If you like what you see and you don't have the machining, tools and skills to make it yourself I will say you get what you pay for. I know a few who rides the earlier models and they are pleased with the build quality, the design and have come to peace with the price they paid.

Re: NEW: Qulbix Q140MD Core

Posted: Oct 05 2018 11:36am
by Merlin
To bad that diy enthusiasm and response on questions is on the same level as Chinese junk.

So much ppl asked here back something but ziva only spams her advertisements and that's it.
ES is only for sale.

If want mid maybe take a look at surron. Depending on which country you live maybe you come around 4k for a really nice bike.

I like that MD also but not for a price of a motorcycle. Dito lmx.

Re: NEW: Qulbix Q140MD Core

Posted: Oct 05 2018 12:28pm
by macribs
The Qulbix got one thing going for that Sur Ron lacks and that is pedals. I know I am contradicting myself here, based on what I've said over and over here before on the this subject. But about a year ago we started to get a too much focus on powerful e-bikes. Result, police started to pay attention. The pulled people over, gave tickets etc. Pedals is that golden ticket that might get you off the hook.

I know it is easy to dismiss bikes like LMX and Qulbix due to price alone, and like you said it is almost the price for a motorcycle. But consider that the performance of these e-bikes are also more like a motorcycle.

That being said, the sur ron is great. And if you live in EU you can get it as a 45 km/h moped and ride street legal. And that is great. No need to worry about pedals. Penny for penny you can't beat sur ron at the moment.

In the end some people prefer bmw or mercedes, other think a skoda, or peugot will get them to work and back home. Neither is wrong, it is also about what you fancy and what gets you fired up and excited. Nissan Leaf is affordable electric car, Tesla not so much.

Re: NEW: Qulbix Q140MD Core

Posted: Oct 06 2018 12:53am
by bionicon
They should sell it as a diy framekit, at the end it costs the same amount but we can choose like we want it .Bigger battery better suspension en so on.

Re: NEW: Qulbix Q140MD Core

Posted: Oct 06 2018 9:23pm
by Garen
A few days ago I contacted Qulbix because I noticed they have a frame sale going on and asked if they offered a frame kit for the Q140MD and they said they didn't - you can only get it in a complete bike.

I really like this design - a bike with a center mounted DD motor. The HPC Typhoon Pro and Vector Vortex are others, but both look too ugly to me -- Vortex looks like a giant rectangular battery box on wheels, and the Typhoon looks like a frankenbike that only it's mother could love (plus $11,500 is just way too much).

The more common high powered mid-drives are just too noisy for my taste.