Chargery C4012B in stock

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Chargery C4012B in stock

Post by sneu » Jun 23 2018 12:26am

Chargery has released their new C4012B AC/DC 12S balance charger. With this charger you get both a 12S charger and a 1500 watt power supply in one nice package.Check here for the details: ... uct/155479. Intro price is $349.95.

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Re: Chargery C4012B in stock

Post by ElectricGod » Jul 19 2018 5:01pm


Chargery C4012B 12S balance charger review...UGG!: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=95330&p=1396224#p1396224's a joke...don't take things so seriously folks!

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Re: Chargery C4012B in stock

Post by bobmutch » Jul 19 2018 5:46pm

oh my goodness, well hardware developers know who not to piss off now,

now I have to re-read that again.
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