(JAPAN) Folding E-cycle Conversion DIY kit

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(JAPAN) Folding E-cycle Conversion DIY kit

Post by Katu1616 » Dec 19 2018 8:12pm

Hello, :D
I'm Japanese.

An E-cycle DIY kit was sold in Japan.
I'm interested.

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Re: E-cycle DIY kit

Post by Dauntless » Dec 19 2018 10:32pm

Um, that link doesnt do the rest of us any good.
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Re: E-cycle DIY kit

Post by mark5 » Dec 19 2018 11:37pm

Google translation below.

From his profile's website field, looks like Katu1616 sells this Isola.
Electric folding moped that can be produced with DIY sense, small and medium enterprises in Nagasaki · Hirado are on saleWednesday, December 19, 2018 16: 00

ISOLA's motorized folding bike bike "IS006"
ISOLA's motorized folding bike bike "IS006"DIY kit

I would like to ride the mobility I made ---. ISOLA (Isola), a small and medium-sized enterprise with its head office in Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture, released an electric folding bike bike "IS006" that fulfills such wishes.

The company began as a car maintenance company in 1960 and in the year 2011, president Katsuya Naharu of the 3rd generation thought that EV will become popular in the future and established the EV division. However, it is difficult for SMEs to manufacture and sell EVs. Therefore, focusing on bicycles, we started development of E cycle.

And it was the electric folding bike "IS006" which was completed. Category is moped and a license is required to drive. Since its launch in 2012, it has called popularity among maniacs, selling over 200 units so far.

"I sold it for 200,000 yen, but a lot of voices came out that I wanted to make it by myself among customers, so I decided to sell my kit making it easy to make it myself I made the manual clearly and made a movie I made on my website, "Yasasa said.

The contents of the kit include the motor (rated output 540 W, maximum output 1000 W), lithium ion battery (48 V 20 Ah), charger, tail light unit, front unit stay, side stay, accelerator, handle switch, besides the turn signal lamp, head light Safety standard parts, and the necessary nuts, screws, tie wraps etc for installation.

The price of the kit is 145,000 yen, it is a mechanism to assemble those parts to the body of 32,000 yen, a little cheaper than buying the finished product. Also, if it is the same size frame as IS006, you can attach it to your favorite bicycle. People accustomed to tools can make it in about 10 hours.

"By creating myself, if you understand the structure of the EV and the role of the parts and you can understand the structure, I think that it will be easier to repair even when there is something wrong," Yasasa said. Several orders have already been included and it seems that they feel a response. The company plans to sell the second and third DIY kit for bicycle bikes in the future.

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