18650 new cells only CANADA

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18650 new cells only CANADA

Post by John1deere » Jan 03 2019 11:48pm

Offering genuine cells for my fellow canadians. Being a canadian myself it will mean no import fees for you and cheaper shipping too!

If you need a model other than the one i am offering please send me a pm.
I also speak french.
All prices are in canadian $.

Shipping rate varies from 16-30$ for 10-200 cells

Samsung 30q grade A:
10-49 cells 6.50$/each
50-99 cells 6.25$/each
100-199 cells 6$/each
200+ cells 5.75$/each

Samsung 25r grade A:
10-49 cells 5.50$/each
50-99 cells 5.25$/each
100-199 cells 5$/each
200+ cells 4.75$/each

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