iCharger 3010b regenerative discharger

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iCharger 3010b regenerative discharger

Post by Rodolphe » Mar 04 2019 3:03am

You can now use the Cycle mode at 30A with the Regenerative Discharger by RC Discharger
https://www.rcdischarger.com/regenerative-discharge-icharger-x6/ wrote: RC Battery Discharger 40Amps – Dischargers for iCharger DUO and X6

The RC Discharger’s Regenerative Discharger is the first-ever battery regenerative discharger compatible with the iCharger X6.** Find out more single regenerative version on this page.

This RC Regenerative Discharger is a revolution on its own.
You can now charge and discharge your battery at 30A on your iCharger X6 using the cycle mode.

Our product is environmentally friendly: it recovers the energy from the discharge to re-use it during the charge.

The RC Regenerative Discharger is designed by a RC enthusiast and made in U.S.A.
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