SUR-RON X-Controller

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SUR-RON X-Controller

Post by Merlin » Mar 15 2019 6:04pm

For Sale or if Someone has a X-Controller w-i-t-h-o-u-t- Auto ebrake we can change.

Its a Brand New never used/installed X-Controller.
It was ordered month ago and i didnt know that only LUNAs X-Controllers are WITHOUT Auto Regen.

I hate that. Since nobody can reprogram it, here for sale/exchange with one w/o Auto-Ebrake

Price 499$

Shipping EU 20$
Shipping US/Aussies 50$
2019-03-16_00h01_52 (Custom).png
2019-03-16_00h01_52 (Custom).png (284.15 KiB) Viewed 431 times
2019-03-16_00h01_09 (Custom).png
2019-03-16_00h01_09 (Custom).png (364.8 KiB) Viewed 431 times

n2mb   100 W

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Re: SUR-RON X-Controller

Post by n2mb » Apr 17 2019 3:59pm

Just confirming.... I have an X-controller without regen. You want one without? I actually want one WITH regen, since I ride on the road and want more range.... I'm in the US

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