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Quote to/from Wiki and other visualized links...

Post by usertogo » Jan 11 2015 10:37am

I was just thinking how fun but inefficient the Forum might be and how hard (on slow web like I have) to browse the Forum, and then The Wiki still refers to the Forum too cumbersome for my flavor, but I think back and forth linking could be exiting, and making the context rendered a bit more dynamic using latest html5 would be exciting too! I am just beginning to look for the subject of Interest in the wiki now!

Oh, use of wikiwords or even 'auto wikilink' could be an exciting step for the endless-sphereForum too! :D

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Re: Quote to/from Wiki and other visualized links...

Post by amberwolf » Jan 11 2015 10:23pm

I like the idea, but presently I don't know a way to do it.

If you know of a PHPBB plugin/etc that does what you want to do, please link it here.

Otherwise the only way to get what you are asking for is if you (or someone) writes and tests such a plugin for PHPBB.

It'd also require an equivalent plugin or whatever for the wiki, to cross connect them automatically.

Manually you can do this in either one, but it's more work than most want to do to dig up the appropriate references and link them when they post.

I only even provide direct links to things rarely, mostly because few people bother to search for things at all, so I instead post just the info they need to find it in a search, to help teach them how. ;)

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