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Brute   100 W

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Looking for a thread

Post by Brute » Oct 17 2016 6:34am

Was some time back here when I was looking at a bike build thread where the frame looked loosely based on a Ducati trellis type frame . From memory the bike had some part of Ducati in it`s name , something like Elecati or something , been searching but cant find it . Can anybody point me in the right direction .

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Green Machine   100 kW

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Re: Looking for a thread

Post by Green Machine » Oct 17 2016 6:41am

Its like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes around here.

But the build you are looking for is legendary and easy to find.

Just good the words "dogati ebike " and you will find it.....

One of the 10 best ebikes ever :) also research duty cycle ebike to find his latest project.

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spinningmagnets   100 GW

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Re: Looking for a thread

Post by spinningmagnets » Oct 17 2016 7:00am

The link to the endless-sphere thread is in this article


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