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10KW ATV Build

Posted: Jun 10 2019 7:51am
by AJ350925
I started on my first Electric ATV build this weekend, and had it driving after about 20 hours of work.

ATV: TAOTAO 125cc ATV that I found on craigslist with a blown motor
Motor: GoldenMotor 10KW 48V Air cooled BLDC motor
Controller: GoldenMotor controller for 48V BLDC motor with 500Amp Max
Battery: (2) 14S5P backs using Samsung 25R 18650 cells

I roughed everything in, tacked the motor mounts in place and connected all the electric etc. I don't have a charger, but one pack was at 58.1V and the other at 56.1V. I figured when I paralleled them for the first time the 2V difference would not create enough amp draw to give me a problem. Took the bike for a quick spin. All was great. I am going to change the gearing as the power seemed too high up top running 12Tx37T gearing with 16" diameter tires.

Having never done a build like this in any sort of way, I would love to hear what I should do to get the most fun out of this and if anyone is familiar with the Golden Motor controller and programming software.

I only have the motor mounts tacked, so this is still very much a work in progress. I just figured I would post up a few pictures of the bike now that it is a runner 20 or so hours and 2 days into the build.


I wanted to just make a shakedown run, so don't judge me based up this rats nest of wiring:


Re: 10KW ATV Build

Posted: Jun 10 2019 9:33am
by AJ350925
I checked battery, motor, and controller temperature by hand after a few runs. The motor and batteries were ambient but the controller felt warm to hot. What temps do these types of controllers normally see? The controller in question is a Golden Motor VEC500.



Re: 10KW ATV Build

Posted: Jun 10 2019 2:40pm
by flat tire
The best controller for you is probably a ASI BAC8000.

Also if you want to ride this thing scrap the chinese atv immediately and get a legit japanese one. You will probably still need to service the suspension, linkages, bearings etc but the ride quality and overall quality will be very much higher.

Re: 10KW ATV Build

Posted: Jun 23 2019 9:12pm
by GeriatricGeoffrey
looks fun. I want one!

Re: 10KW ATV Build

Posted: Jul 07 2019 11:08pm
by timbodaciois
The only input i have is make a few huge battery packs for it so you can ride it longer. Also post a vid of it running.