Wet leaf cells?

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Wet leaf cells?

Post by evblazer » Jun 22 2019 9:21am

Does water destroy them permanently?
I have 12 cans of leaf cells in my hustler zeon mower in a 48v (12s) configuration.

There were great for a couple years and then I had lots of problems. Rats eating wires and it seems clogging drain holes which caused standing water. I’m not sure which caused my bms to go nuts but I have since replaced it and during a recent storm found water was getting in and staying. I pulled the batteries and found the attached.
Do I just recycle them somehow or after drying them out could they work? The last cell in series was only giving me 30-40 amps max out of possibly 120. I could also just use the non green 6 and make a 60 amp pack?
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Re: Wet leaf cells?

Post by spinningmagnets » Aug 23 2019 6:12am

I would drain them and send to recycle...

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