Tesla M3 sets EV lap record at Laguna Seca

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Tesla M3 sets EV lap record at Laguna Seca

Post by MitchJi » Jul 03 2019 1:47pm

https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-model-3 ... eca-video/

A Tesla Model 3 Performance achieved the unthinkable over the past weekend when it shattered the all-time electric vehicle lap record at the famed Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey,

Ripping through the racetrack in near-stealth fashion, the all-electric sedan stunned onlookers as it set a lap time of 1:37.5, crushing the previous lap record of 1:41.2 set by Cameron Rogers in December 2018. Incidentally, both lap records were set in the same Tesla Model 3 Performance that’s owned by Cameron, with the latest achievement reined in by driver Sasha Anis of Mountain Pass Performance.

The electric four-door family sedan’s 1:37.5 lap time soundly beats the Jaguar I-PACE, driven by legendary racecar driver Randy Pobst around the track in 1:48.6, by nearly 11 seconds. More importantly, Model 3 Performance beat the previous all-time record set by Lucid Motors in their purpose-built, 1,000 hp Air prototype that included a stripped out interior and a full roll cage.

Tesla Model 3 Performance w/mods: 1:37.5 (Teslarati/Mountain Pass Performance at TeslaCorsa 6/29/19)
Lucid Air 1,000 hp prototype (non-production, full roll cage, race tires): 1:39.3
Tesla Model 3 Performance w/mods (December 2018 record): 1:41.2
Lucid Air 1,000 hp prototype (non-production, full roll cage): 1:41.6
Tesla Model S P100D w/mods: 1:45.2 (Refuel 2019)
Tesla Model 3 Performance: 1:46.8
Tesla Model S P100D (Lucid Motors test driver): 1:47.6
Jaguar I-Pace (Randy Pobst driver): 1.48.18
Tesla Model 3 Long Range rear-wheel drive w/mods: 1:48.6
Tesla Model 3 Long Range rear-wheel drive stock: 1:54
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