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4x4 LSV using hub motors?

Posted: Jun 29 2020 4:01pm
by remolacha
Hi everyone. I'm a high school teacher who runs an EV program. Thus far we've made a bunch of electric bikes and done an S10 conversion. The next project is to build a small electric utility truck, to replace a Toro Workman HDX Auto, for the maintenance staff. The maintenance guys use it for low-speed, high torque tasks like pulling a sand spreader and hauling pallets of fertilizer up steep grades. Has anyone tried something like this using hub motors? I have been looking for low speed high torque motors and haven't found much in the range we would need.
We prefer hub motors for the simplicity of the build. Are we barking up the wrong tree?


Josh Merrow

Re: 4x4 LSV using hub motors?

Posted: Jun 29 2020 5:14pm
by amberwolf
There are a number of low speed 4 wheel (quad) hubmotor builds here on ES, including someone's powerchair for their daughter, a cargo cart, and some other stuff, though you'll have to poke around for them as I don't have any direct links.

Some used bicycle hubmotros in small wheels, some used some of the heavier-duty scooter hubmotors, some used some of the powerchair motors, etc. Goldenmotor, UUmotor, and other places make single-ended-axle hubmotors that bolt directly to rims (rather than lacing to them) for automotive-tire use.

But I don't think they're going to have the power level you're after. You'll probably have to go to QSmotors and similar places for car-sized hubmotors...which will be designed to provide most of their power at higher speeds, though you could have them wind the motors for slower speeds and higher torque.

Re: 4x4 LSV using hub motors?

Posted: Jun 29 2020 5:21pm
by LeftieBiker
I think that if you need hub motors for 'high torque from start' use, you'll have to stick to geared motors, and you may not find any in the power range (8-10kw?) you need.

Re: 4x4 LSV using hub motors?

Posted: Jun 29 2020 6:47pm
by Hillhater
As this is an educational exercise, why not start from first principles to gather data and estimate the power/Torque/ energy, etc etc needed....such that you can self define the actual specification of the drive motors required.
Pick the worst case situation ..max load, maximum grade, typical speed, etc ,...and measure or calculate the tractive force on from there to establish each motor power.
It will be very worthwhile for students to learn what is involved in identifying correct equipment specifications..

Re: 4x4 LSV using hub motors?

Posted: Jul 06 2020 10:24am
by remolacha
Thanks everyone...Good leads and advice.