Help with kart wiring diagram review and suggestions

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Help with kart wiring diagram review and suggestions

Post by andyshinn » Apr 12 2021 6:26pm

I'm starting my electric go kart project and gathering parts lists to see how stuff will go together. I think I have finally settled on a Motor, Controller, BMS, Charger, Battery, and Contactor. I've put them all in a diagram to try and visualize how they will all connect together and what wiring / connectors I will need to build the harness.
  • Motenergy ME1718 motor.
  • Kelly KLS72501-8080IPS controller.
  • Headway 38120HP 20S2P custom built battery.
  • Chargery C10325 25A charger.
  • Chargery BMS24T-300 BMS.
  • Chargery DCC contactor.
I would love for someone to review the attached drawing to see if there are glaring issues or things that can be improved.

Some notes:
  • My goal was to have the key switch on the BMS but not necessarily the controller. This is why the power is only switched to the BMS.
  • The BMS needs between 15-100V that is isolated from the balance connections. This is the reason for the 24V supply. It can take 38-75V input and input / output are isolated.
  • The contactor will control both the discharge and charge (per Chargery documentation).
  • The Kelly controller requires 12V input separate from the pack. I was using the Chargery discharge contactor port for this as it can output 12V / 3A.
Thanks in advance for helping me get started!
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