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VW Passat B4 EV Conversion

Posted: Apr 27 2021 9:35am
by Yuriy
Hello everyone!

I've been working on converting my VW Passat B4 to EV and wanted to share my progress with you.

I bought this car years ago and quickly realized what an awesome car it is. Besides transition to electric power, my goal here is to keep all car systems in working condition. Starting from the power steering, power-assisted brakes, air conditioner and so on...

Main components

- Battery pack - 2P26S, 200Ah NMC ~20kWh
- An asynchronous motor with the copper rotor
- Curtis 1238 controller 84V 550A
- Flatpack2 charger
- BMS A1109 + A11039G2

Everything in this car is really well done. It has a quite advanced configuration for its years. Air conditioner, heated seats, airbags, ABS, it has practically everything you need.

At the same time, this car is quite simple. It doesn't have a central computer, so it'll be relatively easy to make all these systems work.

Of course, there will be some challenges, but nothing too complicated.

Progress summary

For someone who wasn't following along on my YouTube channel, I'll quickly sum-up my progress to date:
- Oct. 9, 2020: Power steering is working
- Oct. 30, 2020: The motor is installed and working
- Nov. 13, 2020: Heater and air conditioner installed
- Apr. 18, 2021: First Test Drive

Future plans

So, going forward my plan is to ensure stability and operability of all standard vehicle systems like power steering, power assisted brakes, air conditioning, ABS, etc.

I'll keep you all posted with my progress.

Here's my first test drive video:
P.S. English captions available

Let me know what you think.



Re: VW Passat B4 EV Conversion

Posted: Apr 27 2021 2:25pm
by MJSfoto1956
Sweet! Many years ago I owned a B4 TDI -- such a great car. Your installation looks great. Bet it will "rock" @ 96V !!

Re: VW Passat B4 EV Conversion

Posted: Apr 29 2021 2:33am
by Yuriy
I sure hope so!
I'm planning on doing two stages:
- At the first stage, the mileage is going to be somewhere around 120 km at 20 KWH.
- For the second stage, I'm aiming to get 300 km out of this beauty. But we'll see when we get there, fingers crossed :) .